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Wake-Eden Christian Academy

"Faith, Family, Foundation: A Partnership in Excellence"

A Ministry of The Wake-Eden Community Baptist Church

3990 Murdock Ave | Bronx, NY 10466
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We firmly believe that the foundation is an essential part of any structure. It is the foundation that determines capacity and integrity. The same is true in our lives. Therefore, we aim to engage our children in a safe, nurturing, stimulating, well-equipped, Christ-honoring environment that will enable them to become critical and reflective thinkers and writers, and analytical in math and science. This foundation will prepare them to make healthy social transitions, maximize their academic accomplishments, and encourage proper character formation.

Our Mission

The Wake-Eden Christian Academy (WECA) exists to provide high-quality care and learning experiences for children in a manner that honors God and cultivates the best in each student.  We believe that all children have dignity and worth and are created by God with purpose and unique potential. Therefore, our mission is to love and educate children by providing a positive child-centered, family friendly environment that values their whole person.


Our Vision and Goals:

“Intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of education.” Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Vision: Our visions is to facilitate excellent academic and social experiences that enable our students to become life-long learners, competent thinkers, problem solvers, confident leaders, compassionate scholars, and persons of character who can demonstrate the love of God toward others.


Our Goals are to:

  • Engage children to actively discover the world around them.
  • Enable children to see the best in themselves and in each other.
  • Enlighten children through spiritual and social experiences that foster confidence, and establish a trajectory of good character development.
  • Encourage children to love learning by designing a nurturing classroom environment.
  • Equip children with age-appropriate tools, skills, and enrichment opportunities.
  • Empower children to think and write critically, function confidently, and aim for excellence.
  • Establish practices, policies, and partnerships that help this organization to continue to fulfill its mission, vision, and objectives.

Core Values:

  • Communication – create an atmosphere of trust through the effective and frequent use of the vast mediums of communication.
  • Competence – maintain and improve staff competence and capacity by offering and encouraging ongoing professional development opportunities.
  • Curriculum – achieve high academic standards by employing cutting edge curriculum strategies and enrichment methodologies.
  • Connection – nurture a positive relationship with parents through family engagement opportunities, such as parent conferences, social gatherings, academic projects, parent volunteers, and parent-driven participation.
  • Coaching – provide a supportive operational environment and accountability for employees through staff involvement, staff development, and staff encouragement that seeks to bring out the best in each person.

Current Academic Capacity:

WECA is a licensed Pre-school and Grade School up to the 5th Grade. We also operate an After Care Program and a Summer Camp Program.


We now offer a FREE Full-Day Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program for all 4 years old who reside in the New York City. Contact the Administrative Offices at 718 325-8056 for additional information and to register.

About the Academy

The Wake-Eden Christian Academy was organized in January 1975 as a community service ministry of the Wake-Eden Community Baptist Church. It was founded in response to parents’ demand for a safe,  supportive learning environment for their children. At that time, it was known as the Wake-Eden Community Baptist Chapel Nursery School. With no financial resources, little equipment, and “cold bare walls,” the doors were opened on January 6, 1976, with an enrollment of 5 students.  Despite the difficulties, the small volunteer staff was willing to work  hard, and so they did. By the end of June 1976, 11 students were  enrolled, and four students were graduating. This humble beginning set a tone and precedence of excellence that continues to be a hallmark of  this institution.

Eventually, the staff was employed, including a Qualified Education Director. This group began by designing a holistic curriculum comprising of lesson plans, social development, spiritual development, outdoor activities, and special annual programs. In June 1977, 16 students graduated. The parents were excited and began to get actively involved. A Parent and Teacher’s Association was formed and was instrumental in changing the name of the school to the Wake-Eden Christian Academy (WECA). In 1983 the Academy Board was established and continued to oversee the operation of the Academy.

Eventually, a school choir was formed, and the group of students selected to be members became known as the Starlets. The Starlets sang at places such as Nursing Homes, Metropolitan New York Baptist Association, Wake-Eden Community Baptist Church services, the Bronx Baptist Church, the Festival at the Felt Forum Madison Square Garden, The Bronx Division of the Council of Churches of the City of New York, The Annual meeting of the Bronx Division of the National Urban League, the National Night Out Against Crime during the term of Mayor David Dinkins, and many other events.

The Starlets continue to perform at programs, such as the Christmas Concert, PTA fundraiser, Spring Concert, and the Graduation Ceremony.

With the success of the pre-school and kindergarten program, an expansion was undertaken, which led to the addition of Elementary school education from Kindergarten through Grade 5. A Summer Camp program and a 10-month After Care program complete what we currently offer.

We cater to children starting from 2 years and also, Kindergarten to Grade 5. For registration or information, please call the school office at 718-325-8056.

Mondays to Fridays:

  • Pre-Kindergarten - 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Universal Pre-Kindergarten - 9:15 am - 3:35 pm
  • Kindergarten to Grade 5 - 8:30 am to 3:30 pm


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